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Our Mission

David Jackson:

Dear Lawrie and Wayne

My name is David Jackson. I was one of the little tearaways who attended the Saturday Morning Club at Langbaurgh School run by HEATS between 1999 and 2001. Your club helped me to look at what was wrong in my live.

Your help and advice saved me from getting a criminal record. I went back to school and then on to university. I am now working in forensics for the Metropolitan Police.

I would like to thank you both and all the volunteers for the help you gave me via the Saturday Morning Club for getting back on the straight and narrow. Keep up the great work you do with children.

Many Thanks

David Jackson

20th October 2008

Robert Chambers:

Dear Mr Coulthard and Wayne

I don't now if you remember me, my name is Robert Chambers I am writing to thank everyone for helping me through the Saturday Morning Club and HEATS, I came to the club 1999 - 2000.

I was pointed in that direction by a local Police Officer. You helped me get back in school after I was excluded. And I went on to do my GCSEs and achieved excellent results.

When I left school, I joined Cleveland. I was put on a rapid promotion course and was made Sergeant in January 2008. By February 2009 I hope to move to the CID.

So thanks again to the Saturday Morning Club and HEATS in helping me to realise how I was letting myself and my family down at the time.


Sgt Robert Chambers