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1. Key Stage 1(one copy) & Key Stage 2 (one copy) CD-ROMs; Amy & Jamie's enjoyable animation film (5 minutes).

2. An interactive quiz, based entirely on the film content to re-inforce the message. Students have two chances in multiple choice of four answers to each question, based entirely on the storyline.

3. Additionally, there are also four 'what if' scenarios for students to choose at the end of the lesson (s), to gauge their awareness of the dangers of the internet.

4. Students who complete this exercise can be awarded Amy and Jamie's Certificate of Participation, a copy of which is contained within your pack.

5. Certificate templates can be accessed via either CD-ROM, KS1 or KS2, (just go to "My Computer," right click on Key Stage 1 or 2 [D:], now click 'explore,' then double click on, 'certificate,' which opens up the certificate.

6. Teachers can then print them out and complete the student's personal details. There is an additional feature, contained within the certificates, for students to sign up to "I've completed Amy & Jamie's lesson on 'Jamie's Lucky Escape' and 'I AM NOT A NET NIT.'

7. Also contained within your pack is a sample draft letter to parents, from your school, to accompany the young student's certificates so that the online safety debate can be raised at home. To access: go to My Computer, right click on Stage 1 or 2 [D], click 'explore,' then double click on documents and now double click on, 'sample letter.' You may then amend and print out accordingly.

8. Finally, we have provided lesson plans, student activity sheets, an optional 'role play' session for students and extensive information, including a glossary of terms, about the internet for Teachers to access. To access these: go to 'My Computer,' right click on Key Stage 1 or 2 [D], click 'explore,' then double click on documents, now double click on 'lesson plans.' You may then print out.

Evaluation Tool

9. We also provide a simple online lesson for students using the Internet's e-mail service. Just click onto the HEATS website. Go to the final page marked 'The Amy & Jamie Evaluation' and complete the questionnaire, including a question (if pupils wish) to be put to Amy & Jamie, relating to safety on the net. We would also appreciate feedback from Teachers/Supervisors, as we are always keen to make improvements to our product. We welcome anything that enhances children's perception and understanding of the dangers on the internet as well as simple rules to keep themselves safe.

10. System Requirements: Suitable for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 97

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