Internet Safety

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Internet safety

The need to safeguard our young people from the dangers of paedophile predators has never been greater. Responsible parents have over the years developed rules and patterns to safeguard their children whilst outside the home, but now there is continuing danger lurking even within the home through their personal computers and mobile phones. Most children now have access to both. Even young children are often more adept on their computers than their parents, but do not appreciate the dangers facing them through their innocent 'social networking' on the numerous sites available.

Amy and Jamie

Although warnings continue to be reported in the media through such programmes as BBC's Panorama, Radio Two's Jeremy Vine Show and the Five Live Breakfast Show etc, the abduction and abuse of young people continues to happen on an unacceptable and worrying scale, worldwide.

Throughout the development of this, our first feature (Jamie's Lucky Escape'), we sought the advice from professionals and primary school children to achieve the right content balance i.e. a storyline that would not be disturbing to young children, but at the same time would be strong enough for them to understand and accept the dangers that many social networking sites present, despite their safety controls. Our programme is designed to provide a fair balance of encouragement and caution for the wonderful source of knowledge that the internet provides.

We believe that children should be made aware of the risks and be alert to potentially dangerous situations at an early stage of their development.

'Jamie's Lucky Escape' is an easy to follow story, narrated by sister and stepbrother, of how easy unsupervised contact through social network sites can have serious consequences to young innocent, lives.

The programme is intended for children from the ages of five to twelve years and addresses many areas of concern in the 'cyber world'.

The trailer available on our home page has been taken from our programme and is currently available to schools and other interested organisations.

Contained within the programme are:-

  • Amy and Jamie's enjoyable animation film
  • An interactive quiz, based entirely on the film content to re-inforce the message
  • Four interactive 'what if 'scenarios
  • Amy and Jamie's Certificate available for teachers to personalise and print off
  • A sample draft letter to parents
  • Lesson plans
  • Student activity sheets
  • Plus extensive information about the internet, including a glossary of terms.

If you are interested in ordering Jamie's Lucky Escape Pack, please click here.